LX Roadmap

🤓 "Together, we can find them all"

LX is a project of mine that has been quietly bubbling away for decades

Thank you for reading about us. This page is lacking details and what there is might be pretty boring unless you are interested in where this project was going.

I'm very sorry for the multitude of unfinished and missing things round here. Takes a little time to get it right...

LXmas 2020

I just wanted to get something working and spread some seasonal cheer with some of my favourite locations.

Going Forward

The short term improvements will hopefully be in the area of presentation and then interaction. I hope by early next year to have a site where you can find & update existing locations and then add new ones.

Many new features will be added in incremental steps until this basic goal is reached.

Further into the future, I see LoX with it's own identity alongside with the Rewind and allowing for locations from any movie of any era as well as TV shows and Music Videos etc. All locations, basically.

-Nick Alaway, Webmaster.

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